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Commitment, Consistency and Control


Yes, there are a millions different nutrition programs out there that you can follow. However, you will not get long term results until you have decided to make a lifestyle change. What do I mean by that? Well, you need to get the idea of “I am on a diet” out of your head and realize, that in order to get consistent results you need to understand that the plan you follow has to be your lifestyle, not just something you are going to follow for a little while and then quit. Consistency , Commitment, and Control are something you have to strive for daily. Is it easy? No. Do I struggle? Yes. However, I remember how I looked and how I felt before I decided to make a lifestyle change and that is what keeps me from slipping back in to old unhealthy habits. Indulging consistently will lead you to failure and yoyo dieting. Your nutrition plan is extremely important to the results you are trying to achieve. Not every nutrition plan is for everyone, so we can build a plan that works for you. Not just for 24 days, but for a lifetime.

Need some help? Contact me and we can come up with a plan that will help you achieve you goals.  410-310-5477


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