Protein bars


Protein bars are a great way to grab a bite when you are busy. Don’t rely on them all the time.Most bars have a lot of added ingredients that are hard to read. So, if I can’t read it and it’s not something natural, I usually stay away. So, with that being said, these are the usual bars I grab when I am in a pinch…..

Quest….cinnamon bun flavor…zap it for 20 seconds and yes, deliciousness or blend it into some almond milk. (Available at GNC)

Zone…ok not perfect either…chocolate mint flavor and I can imagine a Girl Scout Thin Mint. ( Available at ACME and Walmart)

Kind bars… cleaner than the first two. Almond Jalapeno is very good. Choose the protein bar version not the snack version. (Available at ACME and Walmart)

GNC pure edge peanut butter. Actually very good.

Advocare—Advobar Meal…the ingredient list isn’t perfect but they taste good and keep you full.

Homemade…..BEST because you get to control what you put in them.

Order these on my site…
Protein Bar

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